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Our Centre Programme

We believe that children need the opportunity to play and explore the environment.  As teachers, we will provide opportunities that enable each child to reach their full potential as individuals.  Teachers will facilitate the learning of each child’s unique skills and interest within a richly resourced environment that challenges and extends their learning.  We refer to this as child directed learning. Children will have opportunities to experience their own and other cultures and to explore the wider community.

To holistically support children to be confident and competent life long learners we need to find ways to keep everything connected, so embedded in our programme is the desire for continuity for children.  With strong mutually supportive relationships we believe that continuity can be strengthened for children.  With this children are more able to explore the true potential of learning. In turn, parents and teachers can understand children’s learning better and contribute more authentically to children’s experiences at the centre. At the same time teachers are motivated and inspired by the work they are doing and are more focused, thus creating the best possible situation for all.

 “In order to co-construct meaning and understanding, the teacher needs to become aware of what the child thinks and knows and understands, and to engage with this body of knowledge. The child’s own expertise is acknowledged as being as valid as the teacher’s.”

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